16 years old create Water from thin air

At the age of 16 youngsters will be thinking about which movie to watch or which game to play. Nadiminti Chandra Sekhar is working on an innovation that is generating water out of thin air.  Working for almost 12-13 models, Sekhar has developed a machine that can generate water from vapours by using minimum solar electricity. His ideas are based on a simple observation, when water can be formed from atmosphere then why can’t we create an atmosphere that generates water.

The machine uses air to condense water vapour that is present in the form of humidity and then it is purified and stored to generate pure drinking water. According to Sekhar the intellectual property (IP) lies in a code of the device that could sense humidity and temperature and built in artificial intelligence device. The machine works on thermal energy and in the final stages of prototyping.

Sekhar is confident that the product will be ready by the mid 2019 so that it would be useful for consumers and government during summer when the state faces severe water shortage. He has his product completely supported and funded by T-Hub.  The former CEO Jay Krishnan has been able to reach the final stage of the product.

In an interview Sekhar said, “My aim is to solve problems not only for the consumers who do not have access to pure drinking water but also of the government that struggles to meet the needs of providing pure drinking water. So, instead of giving them water we can give them machines that can generate water with minimal use of electricity.”

Sekhar’s first product was providing electricity to a light bulb through a ceiling fan, the fan also works as a generator and it can provide electricity to other appliances. But, the innovation did not find its goal due to some issues, it was then the idea of atmospheric water generation came into presence. Shekhar plans to talk to the government when the water generation machine is ready to provide water at subsidised rates to rural people. Once he completes his studies, he has planned to set up a business and hire engineers who can work on different innovations for sustainable future.

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