A part of Charminar’s minaret falls off

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has taken up the conservation of the four towering minarets of the historic Charminar in the heart of the Old city; it is a part of one of the southwest minaret of monument that fell off late night on Wednesday.

The panic prevailed among the tourists who were visiting the monument late in the night after a chunk of concrete fell down. The visitors gathered near the monument upon which the police restricted the movement of public in and around the monument.

The ASI has started the renovation work year after the minarets developed cracks and patches. The historic Charminar is being repaired after years of neglecting. It was noticed that the monument’s colour has turned black due to the pollution. Following which a ban of vehicle movement was announced in and around Charminar.

Other buildings close to the monument have been damaging the monument that was buit in 1591 to mark the end of deeply plague.

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