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App gives back voice to throat cancer patients

The app was developed for the patients who lose their voice due to a laryngectomy, or removal of the larynx, it is a typical procedure for advanced stages of throat cancer.

The technology uses recordings of a patient’s voice to create synthetic speech that can be played on their smart mobile phones, tablets or laptops with the help of an app.
Ideally, patients need to record more than 10,000 sentences to provide scientists with enough material to produce their voice.

But there are a few drawbacks of the app that is patient facing laryngectomies usually have little time or energy to do the recordings as soon as after the diagnosis that requires swift treatment.

Working with fewer sentences – ideally 3,500 but as few as 300 – this method is used advanced statistical models such as artificial neural networks.

Matousek believes that in the future, the patients will be able to use the app to record their voice at home using a specialised website that will guide them throughout the process.

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