Do and Dont’s for this New Year: City Cops

The Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar has conducted a meeting with the city based bars and restaurants, resorts and farmhouse organizers to brief them certain guidelines to follow during this year New year celebrations. In this meeting,Cyberabad CP has asked the public to follow certain guidelines for a happy and incidents less New Year. CP has informed all the organizers to take the guideline seriously.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • An online permission has to be taken prior the event and the event has to be conducted only in between 8pm to 1 am.
  • All the organisers should have invitations/passes and no person without an invitation/pass should be allowed in the event.
  • No stag entries into the parties/events.
  • A separate permission for the DJ has to be taken and no DJ should exceed the limit of 45 decibles.
  • Nude and obscene dances (Mujra) are strictly prohibited.
  • No obscene posters, nude advertisements should be given out in the daily newspapers, hoardings etc.
  • Liquor cannot be served without a proper license.
  • No misbehaviour during the events/parties.
  • Use of firearms is strictly prohibited and any person even with a valid license should not be allowed to carry the arms into the event/party.
  • Police permission will be issued only after getting permission from the Fire and electricity department.
  • Crackers are strictly prohibited and the organisers should make arrangements for the fire safety.
  • Proper sanitation arrangements need to be made by the organisers
  • Crowd controlling and traffic management has to be taken care by the organisers and they are also responsible for the security of their customers. The organisers have to engage required security personal for the events.
  •   Local Police Inspector has to visit the place well in advance before the event.
  • Parking of the vehicles has to be taken care by the organisers.
  • ORR will remain closed from 11pm to 5am for the general public and only the vehicles coming from the airport are allowed.
  • Women security personal should be kept in the event.
  • No minor should be served liquor
  • And all the organisers serving liquor should provide the required cab service to their customers as the drunk and drive test shall be effective.

Any organiser violating the guidelines will be strictly punished under the law

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