Google to predict flight delays on Smart phones

Google Assistant will soon tell you on the smart phone if the flight will be delayed even before the airlines announce it officially, using a flight status data combined with Machine learning (ML).

According to Google, Google Assistant will notify users on phones when its procedures predict that their flights would be late. In the beginning of this year, we started sharing flight delay predictions, when you search for your flight status and were 85 per cent confident that the flight will eventually be delayed.

Google said in a blog, “We use significant flight status data combined with machine learning to make these predictions in advance of airlines confirming delays.”

The Google Assistant will now predict flight delays, to help with the increase in delayed flights. Google officials said, you can ask the things like, “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” or Hey Google, what’s the status of the American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Denver?”

Adding to that the officials said that “over the next few weeks, the Assistant will begin proactively notifying you on your phone if we predict a flight delay and tell you the reason if we know it.”

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