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HMDA to cut 34 trees to construct Balanagar flyover

The upcoming construction work of new Balanagar flyover, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has decided to take all the possible measures for the minimal damages that are done to the extensive green cover on the Balanagar crossroads to Narasapur Crossroads stretch.

The HMDA has identified nearly 95trees that are on the stretch out of which 15 trees can be translocated. According to the authorities there are nearly 34 trees which are to be cut and the rest will be retained at the present locations. The decision of trans locating the trees was taken only after the Trees Protection Committee Comprising representatives from NGOs and other forest officials, said a senior official from HMDA.

The forest officials including realignment of the structure were explored to the minimal damage to the green cover in the locality.  15 trees from the locality are being translocated, 34 trees are removed due to inevitable circumstances. The 34 trees height ranges between 1.5 metre and five metres that are identified for felling do not support the translocation and their survival rate is poor. The decision was taken after considering all the factors. The trees also include Neem, Ashoka, Spathodia, peltoform, Rain tree, Tabubia, Bahunia, Suhabul, Gulmohar and other trees that will be translocated including Badam, Raavi, Neredu and others. A central government organisation in the area permitted plantation of these trees in their premises. HMDA is roping in private agencies for translocation and felling of trees. Other factors like utilities beneath, power cables, soil type, location, size and other are needed to be taken into consideration for translocation and expert agencies that are being roped in to the exercise.

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