Hyderabad gets Google’s Neighborly

Whether you know the best restaurant near you or where the Xerox facilities near you are, Google’s new app can now give you all the answers. The app will be launched tomorrow; Hyderabad will also be able to give the local information about their neighbours through Google’s new app called Neighborly. It will let the users ask and answer the questions and also know about their neighbourhood.

The app is testing for almost six months in India; Google has rolled out nationally and opened the app for users in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi and now in Hyderabad. The company plans to give out the product nationally and cover all the districts of the city in the next two weeks by adding more cities every day.

Senior product manager, Ben Fohner, Google’s Next Billion Users “In our research, we have found that most of life happens within 1 km radius of where you live. And when people need local information, people prefer to ask or discuss with another person. Neighbourly makes it easy to seek advice and recommendations from neighbours who know the area and have similar tastes.”

This app was tested in seven different cities which  are based on the feedback and learning’s, the Google team has incorporated changes that include switching between neighbourhoods, seeing questions as per the users preferences, learning how to get more response and getting the top neighbour status.  Many people have downloaded the app and half of the questions get answered in an hour and out these questions fifty per cent are high quality answers.

The app size of the app is 5 MB that has the light weight app which was built and designed for Indian users going ahead, the company plans to add language translation and attaching maps feature in the answers section very soon.

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