Masood Azhar declared as “Global terrorist”

In a huge diplomatic win for India, and consistently defending the “all weather friend” Pakistan over the issue of JeM Chief Masood Azhar a “global terrorist” for years now, China on Thursday relented a massive “diplomatic win” for India after New Delhi approached the world body for the first time on this issue.

The UN  committee listed Azhar for being associated with Al-Qaeda for participating in planning, financing, facilitating, preparing or perpetrating of acts and activities by the conjunction under the name of “Supplying, transferring or selling arms and related material, recruiting for, supporting acts or activities and other acts or activities” that indicates association with the JeM.

Here are a few reasons behind china’s decision. Along with France, US and UK turned against China in the UN Security Council by threating the discussion of Azhar in a forum that will be isolate Beijing publicly and force to state the reasons for opposing the ban.

During the bilateral meets with the nation, India mounted intense and asserted that Azhar as a global threat and he should be listed on the UN list of designated terrorists. The criticism of the retaliatory airstrike by India on terrorist camp in Pakistan’s Balakot following the Phulwama attack that indicated the tolerance for global terrorism is low.

The threat to take Azhar’s issue in an open discussion in UNSC prompted China to yield as it could have isolated China publicly. China said on Thursday that it agreed to allow the UN Security Council to declare Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist” after it satisfied the “revised evidence” made available to it. It is referring to the exhaustive report by showing Azhar as a terrorist provided by foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale during his recent visit to Beijing between April 25 and April 27.

The UN sanctions committee decision on Azhar is accused by “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing or perpetrating of acts and activities” by JeM. As a result of blacklisting, Azhar will be subjected to a Worldwide assets freeze, a travel ban and arms restriction.

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