Nutella factory temporarily closed

A very popular chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella is temporarily shut down due to the quality issues. The production of Nutella factory is in Villers-Ecalles, France was halted in this week after a quality defect was detected in the semi-finished products.

Nutella products which are currently in stores are not affected by the problem and that the supply of Nutella to customers is continued without any issues.

Nutella was created after World War II, when a cocoa shortage in Italy required pastry makers to get creative. Chef Pietro Ferrero created the spread by using sugar, hazelnuts and cocoa. The chocolate spread is extremely popular across the world.

In the year 2017, Nutella fans posted on social media after getting the information that the recipe for the chocolate spread had been changed. The amount of milk powder in Nutella was increased slightly, which gave the spread a lighter colour.

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