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Research Suggests Mannose Could Help to Fight Cancer

According research done on mice ., Mannose enhanced the effects of chemotherapy in mice with multiple types of cancer including leukaemia, osteosarcoma, ovarian and bowel cancer. It slowed tumour growth, reduced the size of tumours and even helped increase the lifespan of some mice. Mannose can aid in slowing the growth of tumours. Tumours use more glucose than normal, healthy tissues. Mannose can interfere with glucose to reduce how much sugar cancer cells.

In their research experiment, Mice with pancreatic, lung or skin cancer were given mannose, a sugar also found in cranberries and other fruits. It significantly slowed the growth of their tumours, with no obvious side-effects they found. However, patients are being told not to start supplementing with mannose because of the risk of side-effects. Scientists hope to test the supplement in people soon. Mannose, which can be bought in health food shops and is sometimes used to treat urinary tract infections, is thought to interfere with the ability of tumours to use glucose to grow.

Mannose a nutritional supplement found naturally in fruits such as cranberries can aid in slowing the growth of tumours and improve cancer treatment. However, it is very hard to control the amount of glucose in your body through diet alone. Researchers found that mannose can interfere with glucose to reduce how much sugar cancer cells can use.

‘Tumours need a lot of glucose to grow, so limiting the amount they can use should slow cancer progression. The problem is that normal tissues need glucose as well, so we can’t completely remove it from the body. In our study, we found a dosage of mannose that could block enough glucose to slow tumour growth in mice, but not so much that normal tissues were affected’- said lead author Kevin Ryan, Professor at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute.


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