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Results’ says the Congress’ time has come

Latest results stating that the congress’ time has come. The BJP suffered severe setbacks yesterday in all three heartland states in an election that is seen as the semi-finals before next year’s general elections. In 2014,the BJP had won a figure of 84 seats that Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh account for. Current trends saying , with these results that- the current ruling BJP government definitely should have to think seriously on this.On the other side, results showing that the Congress’s time came to play a key role for the country. These results without doubt or definitely add the new energy/boost among the congress party cadres or leaders.

After results out, Madhya Pradesh’s ex-CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan accepted the public decision or mandate and also accepted the responsibility for party’s defeat in the state. The three-time CM of Madhya Pradesh stated that he only responsible for the defeat in these elections.

In MadhyaPradesh, the BJP had trailed the Congress by five seats in a bitterly contested election, during which Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah campaigned in the state multiple times.

The BJP ended with 109 seats to Congress’s 114 – way below the majority mark of 116 in the 230-member assembly of MP. On the other- side BSP chief extended their support to the Congress to form the government in the MP state.  About the results Chouhan had said that – he respected the people’s mandate and his party would not form the next government in the state.

 “Despite the best of efforts by the central government, the party could not perform… It is perhaps because of me. I am grateful to the national head… and people of the country. The party workers and the party’s state chief worked tirelessly during the campaigning”- Chouhan said in this regard.

All three states….Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh along with Uttar Pradesh havethe major number of figures ( i.e. in terms MP’s)  which will definitely plays a key role in government formation at the centre. With these results, Congress party  -definitely works hard towards to getting the major number of seats across the country for next general elections. Here the worst thing is., in Chhattisgarh, where the BJP suffered a shock defeat, was getting only 15 seats to the Congress’s 68.  

Current Trends also in favour to the congress party. On the other side, the data from previous elections have shown that the party that wins the three states also win a major/huge number of their Lok Sabha seats in the general elections.

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