Shahinyathganj police arrest four for stealing batteries

Four people were arrested by the Shahinyathganj Police for stealing batteries from the vehicles parked at the Ghoshamahal police stadium. The accused four people were identified as G Ramesh (27), Rampura Anji (30), Shaik Taher (20) and Shahrukh Khan (25).

The Assistant Commissioner of police said, M Narendar Reddy, Shaik Taher and Shahrukh Khan are the residents of Afzal Sagar in Mallepally in Hyderabad. Who were committing theft of batteries from the parked vehicles at Ghoshamahal police grounds from the last six months.

 The ACP said, “As of now they have stolen 200 batteries and kept at the ground. They were caught by a police team while committing the theft on Monday night.” the official added, after stealing the batteries Shahrukh Khan and Shaik Taher, took them to Anil and Ramesh, who are battery dealers and sold it to them.

The vehicles parked in the grounds are seized by traffic police for lack of documents and the law and order to the police in connection with criminal cases are dumped at the Goshamahal police stadium and ground.

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