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Skincare tips for brides in summer

Indian summers can be brutal on your skin. Did you plan your wedding this summer? If you have weeks or months left for your wedding then a skin course is a must. How many every facial treatments you go for, a quick skincare regime in the last moment is a necessity.

Brides who are preparing for their wedding in summers, there is nothing than finding a perfect skincare products that does what is say and the effect of summer heat on your skin.

Hydrate your skin:

Hydrate your skin in summer to fight the heat. The best way to hydrate your skin is to use a hydrating lotion. Water is the best remedy to fix your skin it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body that makes you feels refreshed.

Cleanse your skin:

During summer the sun tends to damage your skin. Use a gentle cleanser for two times a day. This cleanses out your skin without any irritation and leaves your skin smooth and soft. The mild soaf free cleanser removes dirt, impurities and makeup and also helps retain skin’s moisture.

Replenish lost moisture:

The sun can cause last-minute breakouts, tanning and dullness that can stress out any bride with dry skin. Opt for a light weight moisturiser that is rich in macadamia oil which helps to hyderate and nourish your skin. Make sure that it is specifically formulated for dry skin and non-greasy and non-omedogenic to eliminate the chances of having clogged pores.

For oily skin brides: Brides who have oily skin, it can be challenging for you to cope with makeup. You can invest in a cleanser which helps you to get rid of the skin grime is a good bet. It is kind on sensitive skin and perfect for those who are suffering with acne.

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