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Telangana State Politics, Ground Situations of Current Scenario’s

In this article we are discussing Telangana state politics, ground situations of current scenario’s of the state. Today is the last day for the poll campaigns in Telangana state. We all knew that the assembly elections are scheduled on December 7. So far various parties and independents (including rebels), according to their capacities put their efforts to reach the general public during their campaigns.  We all knew that, with the immense confidence on their developmental works and welfare schemes which have implemented during their tenure in the state; the TRS chief had decided to dissolve the assembly on September6.

With that decision the TRS govt surprised everyone in the state. The decision stating that-the confidence levels of the TRS leadership and strength of party throughout the state; especially it seems party completely believes in and hopes for the rural Telangana. Rural Telangana had greater party cadre, even in the ground levels.

In this regard, earlier, TRS party chief took special interest in building the party cadres at all grass root levels. With that confidence TRS took the radical decision to go to polls earlier.  If we observe carefully almost every rural person knows the party and its chief. TRS party absolutely succeeded in building the party cadres at all grass root levels. Without any doubts, this will be definitely positive thing for TRS and will also impacts the voting (results).

TRS govt have implemented great welfare schemes during their tenure, which benefited the rural Telangana mostly/greatly. During their tenure of governance TRS govt introduced the Rythu-Bandhu scheme and provided 24-hour power supply. These two are definitely greatest programmes which radically changed the farming and agriculture scenario’s (and industrial too) in the entire Telangana especially rural Telangana. Rural farmers are happier with these two programmes because before Telangana state formation rural Telangana especially farmer community suffered a lot of power cuts and irregular time schedules/patterns of power. The farmer community definitely considers these two things before casting their votes.

For these assembly elections, TRS facing the alliance of Congress including TDP,TJS and CPI.  Prof Kodandaram’s TJS party is new one to the elections. No one knows how much it impacts these assembly elections. If we take CPI party, it too had less percentage of the votes. TDP too had no clear strength in any of the districts completely in the Telangana. Finally these parties have realised that if they contest individually it will be definitely nothing to anyone so they joined together and formed the ‘Mahakutami’.

After assembly’s dissolve announcement, on the same day -TRS completed announcement of its list of candidates for next polls and also since then started its campaigns ; on the other side ‘Mahakutami’ struggled a lot in terms of seat sharing and place’s allocations for their partner parties.  After so many meetings and discussions it reached to one conclusion but the biggest question for Mahakutami is still unanswered… that is – the CM candidate for this Mahakutami.

Some says that- AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP is also in the game i.e, in the Mahakutami. Already so many news items (both electronic and print) had circulated about the Mahakutami which states that -every strategy and plans, meetings prepared by CM Chandra Babu Naidu for this Telangana elections for ‘Mahakutami’. In this regard, TRS party already projected that the CM Chandra Babu Naidu has no role in this state elections; he should focus on his state AP and also projects him as the anti-Telangana.

TRS highlights in their campaigns about the past history, attitude of CM Chandrababu Naidu’s towards Telangana state and highlights the ‘other’/hidden angle of the CM ChandraBabu Naidu.

On the other side CM Chandra Babu Naidu says that- he decides to save the Telangana from the KCR’s family members.

Last assembly elections gives some hints about the real strengths of the various parties, though it doesn’t impacts that much this time; still various opinion polls ,surveys projecting the TRS party is currently  far ahead compared to the mahakutami.

TRS’s real strength is as we mentioned earlier, the rural Telangana. TRS govt have implemented the greater welfare programmes for rural Telangana which including Kalyana Laxmi, Shaadi Mubarak, Mission -Kakatiya, Mission- Bhagiratha, Rythu bandhu with Pattadhar Right, 24-hours power supply  for farming. Though mission Bhagiratha didn’t complete yet, its works at ground levels are in progress. These will definitely without fail, influences the rural voters. This might be the real strength of the TRS party. This is definitely biggest advantage to the TRS party in the present political scenario’s as compared to the other parties.

When TRS Govt take decision of govt’s dissolution then everyone thought/said of the insecurity or some other assumptions, angles of the TRS chief’s but later situations, political contexts have changed and political equations too changed accordingly. Then surveys, political experts criticised the govt’s decision and projected the less figures for TRS party. But later the TRS party strategically handled every situation and now the same/some other new survey’s stating that -currently the TRS has greater chances of win in these elections.

During their tenure of governance, TRS govt have implemented almost everything which it has promised in their previous manifesto. For that matter, it has framed new schemes, programmes and got global recognition, attentions with those schemes and programmes. These are all positive things of the previous TRS govt. For these elections too, recently it has released its attracting manifesto.

But the biggest failure of the govt is the jobs creation and recruitment failures. Without students, martyrs of the movement… there is no Telangana .The biggest question remained /unanswered is –about the KCR’S attitude towards these sections.

Everyone is surprising about- the hidden dimension of the KCR and his attitude towards the students, unemployment and Intelligentsia. The fact is that student community had lost their years together during the last phase of Telangana movement. Within that phase everyone thought of that we definitely had to fight for our telangana and thought of we were sacrificing for next generations. But these aspirations still remained like ‘aspirations only’.  The previous TRS govt proved with its governance., how it has  succeeded in illusion creation ,succeeded in  making fools to the lakhs of student community /unemployed youths of the Telangana.

If we observe deeply or with high reasoning, the fact or the TRS party’s plan of politics is clear- it has focussed the vote bank politics and sided the student community and the intelligentsia.

But the TRS party have to think very seriously about this and its consequences; otherwise it definitely remains in the “just –another-party” category.                — Saikumar.                       

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