Temperature increases in Hyderabad

The increasing temperature and dry heat is increasing with a major cause of rise of seasonal ailments in Hyderabad and in other different parts of the state. In the upcoming months the public health machinery in Hyderabad is expected to be thoroughly tested as the number of patients with an ailments rise.

The public health officials and the respective district health machinery is all set to roll out the annual summer action plan, the fact is said to remain precautionary in an individual and family level with a long way in preventing the annual surge of cases in summer season.

The summer season in Hyderabad will trig such as jaundice, typhoid and gastroenteritis and other water borne diseases. A senior doctor point out in the summer due to lack of access to portable water and rising temperatures. The people tend to consume water from untested sources including roadside vendors, which are in-turn triggers ailments.  Food and water are the major sources that trigger disease in summers. Consumption of un-filtered drinking water has a shortage of portable water and stale food causes health complications among the people of all age groups.

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