Things to remember while planning a family trip

Travelling to a new place provides you a temporary disconnect from your daily life through multiple emails and getting stuck in traffic. Travelling is all about new experiences and in the upcoming summer holidays make sure you and your family gets to enjoy such experiences. 

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind while you are planning a family trip, especially with seniors:

Destination: While you are travelling with your parents, always look for a destination that is easily reachable via flight or road. A destination that appeals to you and your family’s need is the one you should go for. For instance, Barcelona is filled with museums and art galleries along with shopping malls to keep you and your family hooked. But as someone who is planning a family holiday, keep in mind the needs of your parents as well. You may be able to withstand the twisty roads of a curvy mountain but your parents will get tired soon enough.

Booking: Another thing you should keep in mind while planning a family trip is booking a hotel that respects the needs of a senior citizen. Make sure to look for a hotel which has a room on the ground floor for ease of mobility. You must check in advance whether the room has a walk-in shower.

For booking your air tickets, try to book a non-stop flight to your destination. Connecting flights can be tiresome for the elderly. Also, if there is a mobility issue with the senior member of your family, make sure to call the airport 24 hours in advance and let them know you need medical assistance.

With seniors, try not to book too many activities for them in a day. Chances are they will get tired too soon and will not be able to enjoy their holiday.

Get Travel Insurance: Travelling with senior needs a more careful approach as the chances of them falling sick are more. You can be prepared by knowing the closest hospital and medical services available in the city, but to free yourself from any hassle, you must take the necessary step of getting travel insurance. But picking the right travel insurance that covers your family & senior members is a task.

Make an itinerary:
Making an itinerary will help you plan your holiday better. Make sure to have a checklist of all the essentials as well – first aid kit, water bottle, light snacks and so on. While you’re at it, ensure you pack all the necessary medical items for seniors such as a gluco-meter, BP monitor, and any other specific medical requirements.

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